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Joint International Research Laboratory of Photonics (JIRLOP) is a collective force of the world class research teams on photonics from Zhejiang University (ZJU), University of Rochester (UR) and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.JIRLOP is anindependent research entity consisting with board, academic advisory committee and principal investigators. The research of JIRLOPfocuses on photonic devices, integrated photonic and advanced photonic instrumentation. The vision of JIRLOP is to become a world leading laboratory of photonics and pursuing discoveries that improve our lives.

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On October 22, the site visit and assessment meeting of JIRLOP was held on Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University, and JIRLOP successfully passed the official assessment conducted by...


2015-07 Prof. Min Qiu, the director of SKLMOI at Zhejiang University, visited the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester.


2014-10 The Joint International Research Laboratory of Photonics was officially unveiled

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2003.10: The president of Royal Institute of Technology and the president of Zhejiang University signed agreement on the establishment of the Joint Research Center of Photonics.

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Currently JIRLOP has five shared cutting-edge facility platforms, including focused ion beam, scanning electron microscope, ultra-precision machining,laser system, and high precision op...

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Hailin Wang ,University of Oregon N. Asger Mortensen , Technical University of Denmark Denmark L. V. Wang, University of Washington David N Payne the 2014 West Lake Photo...

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The faculty of International Joint Research Laboratory of Photonics

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